Titles: Hidamari Sketch 1st Season, Season 1

Ever since she was young, Yuno has always had an interest in art. Now that she has been accepted to Yamabuki Arts High School, it means one thing—moving out. Living in a dorm at Hidamari Apartments alone, Yuno meets her neighbors: the hyperactive Miyako, the self-conscious Hiro, and the mature Sae. Despite their different personalities, they go to the same school, spend time together, and develop a strong friendship. Yuno’s life won’t be so lonely after all!

Hidamari Sketch revolves around the antics and day-to-day lives of the girls living at Hidamari Apartments.

Hidamari Sketch 1st Season, Season 1
Release date Jan. 12, 2007
End date Mar. 30, 2007
Episodes 12
Average Duration 24 minutes
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