Senyuu. Season 2

Senyuu. Season 2

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Titles: Senyu 2nd Season, Senyuu. Second Season

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When a hole opened up in the world and monsters flooded out, humanity prepared for the demon lord Rukimedes’ rise once again. However, even the gravity of this situation cannot impede the antics of straight man hero Alba Frühling and sadist soldier Ross.

Ross, trapped within a plane between two worlds due to Januar Ein’s magic, encounters the demon lord taking a nap and looking far too comfortable in his confinement. Simultaneously, Alba, once again in prison, has been sidelined in favor of his eccentric companion’s hijinks.

Although separated, Ross and Alba continue their attempts to prevent the demon lord’s resurgence, but unbeknownst to them, a ghost from Ross’ past may just threaten their quest’s success.

Senyu 2nd Season, Senyuu. Second Season
Release date Jul. 03, 2013
End date Sep. 25, 2013
Episodes 13
Average Duration 4 minutes
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