Sugar Apple Fairy Tale

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale

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In the kingdom of Highland, fairies lived freely until humans betrayed them. Once a fairy has been stripped of a wing, whoever possesses it holds the fairy’s life in their hands. Taking advantage of this, humans enslaved fairies, but 15-year-old Ann Halford longs to see the day when fairies and humans are treated as equals.

The aspiring confectioner dreams of becoming a Silver Sugar Master just like her late mother. In order to achieve this lofty goal, Ann sets out for the capital of Lewiston, home to the annual Royal Candy Fair. However, to be bestowed the elusive title, Ann’s confection crafted from silver sugar must be recognized with a royal medal at the event.

Ann hires a sharp-tongued warrior fairy, Shall Fen Shall, to be her bodyguard for the perilous journey ahead. After saving him from his cruel fairy trader, she promises to return Shall’s wing to him once they reach the capital, much to his confusion. But as the pair travel further along, the time they spend together grows, and they learn more about each other and their true desires.

Release date Jan. 06, 2023
End date Mar. 24, 2023
Episodes 12
Average Duration 22 minutes
ACCA: 13 – Territory Inspection Department
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